Available on The Oculus Store in 2018



"Noodles" is a Virtual Reality interactive short film that tells the slice-of-life story of a little girl named Kat, who celebrates her birthday by going out to eat noodles with her father.



The artworks are created in Oculus Quill, and clean-up is done in Autodesk Maya.

The interactive experience is developed in Unreal Engine.



Oculus Rift with Touch controllers.



  • A part of growing up is accepting things you haven’t yet understand.

  • Following family traditions remind us who we are and where we came from.

  • Treasure the time spent with your family.

Director Statement


I believe VR has the power to visualize memory, re-create dreams, and connecting one another not only on a physical level, our five senses, but also on an emotional level, our feelings. 

Imagine instead of telling someone about an experience that I have, I can let them experience it themselves in VR. Whenever someone shares with me their childhood memory, I often wish that I could go back in time, be part of that story, and be able to feel the emotion resonated in their mind. I have always wanted to make a short film about family and childhood. What I want was not just to tell a story but also to convey a certain the emotion through the way the audience interpret the story in their mind. 


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