NOODLES - Week 01

Why VR:

  • Have you ever had someone telling you a story then they go :”You have to be there to understand what I mean.”?

  • What if instead of listening to a story, you can live in it?

  • Imagine if you can share a piece of memory to someone, a piece of life.

  • The ability to witness a moment in time.

About the project:


“NOODLES” is a VR experience done in the Oculus Quill, tells the slice-of-life story of a little girl named Cat, who celebrates her birthday by eating noodles.

Run time 2~3 minutes


The artworks will be created in Oculus Quill.

The interactive experience will be created in Unity.

More softwares will be used along the way for sure, such as Maya, Blender, After Effect etc.

(Anyone knows Houdini around here?)


A part of growing up is accepting things you haven’t yet understand.

Following family traditions remind us who we are and where we came from.

Treasure the time spent with your family.

(cultural awareness undertone?)

Target audience

  • People who are interested in VR but have little to no experience.

  • Gamers are welcome too.

Noodles' walk through & features

  • There're four different rooms for four different parts of the story, and the audience can walk through each room (using the controller?) where they'll hear a short conversation (Voice over) between the two characters Cat and her father.

  • The audience can interact with objects in the rooms.

  • There will be visual and sound cues for when they can move on to the next room.​


Why more of the same kind of story?

Many issues we have in our society today came from lack of understanding other people’s lives & cultures. The more we know, the more we can be open-minded to others’ way of living which could be completely different than ours (result of an empathy machine?).

About the director:

Animator. Filmmaker. Daydreamer. Food enthusiast. Introvert. Weirdo.

Also go by Kim Nguyen. (<-- not a virus. just my online portfolio.)


  • learn Unity

  • find a Unity expert to help (it’s difficult to come up with question(s) when I don’t know what to ask)

  • don't think I have time to learn C#

  • figure out a workflow b/t Quill & Unity, or fail miserably

  • figure out Timeline in Unity:

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