NOODLES - Week 04

This post is more of an update on what I've learned the past week. Awhile ago I posted a question on the OLP Facebook group about the workflow between Quill and Unity, it seems like most of us were having trouble getting the materials from the files exported from Quill to display correctly in Unity. I found a post about vertex color shader for Maya on the Oculus Forum: I also had a short conversation with Nick Ladd (the artist who posted about the shader on the forum) on the Virtual Painting Facebook group (which I believe is managed by Goro Fujita and colleague?). We didn't make it pass the Hardware Renderer in Maya... Shout out to Nick who's recently featured on Sketchfab's blog: Somebody from our OLP group posted a link about exporting Quill to Unreal (was it you Nathan?)

Then yesterday I came across this PDF of Chris Horne talking about how Story Studio created Quill:

From page 28 they revealed a bit of the workflow they came up with for the workflow from Quill to Unreal Engine. I don't know much about Unreal Engine or Houdini so I still don't know how exactly they did it. All the signs are there, I must learn Unreal Engine!!! (I don't wanna say I've wasted all this time learning the wrong software... I just wish I've made this decision a bit earlier. I was afraid of trying new things I guess...) My intention was to re-create this vertex shader from Maya, suggested in the Oculus forum:

but since I don't know much about material in Unreal yet, this is what I've got

and here's the result with basic skylight

Of course the transparency doesn't work, and everything looks washed out, but I feel like I've made a step closer to what I try to achieve for my project. There're still so much to learn!

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